You’re just 10 steps away from owning your own Cheeseburger Bobby’s. Evaluating a business opportunity should be handled thoroughly, and ample research should be completed prior to making an informed business decision. We encourage you to use the following process to research this opportunity, making sure it fits you personally and addresses your short- and long-term goals.

Step 1: Questions and Financial Statement.
Request the Franchise Kit, and return the Franchise Evaluation Form upon completion. To determine mutual compatibility and financial responsibility, we ask you to fill out this form for evaluation by our management team. The information supplied will be held in strict confidence. Submitting this form does not obligate you to Cheeseburger Bobby’s in any fashion.

Step 2: Review and Initial Discussion.
Upon receipt of your Financial Evaluation Form, we will contact you to discuss our franchise opportunity in greater depth and address any additional questions.

Step 3: Visit, See and Sample.
We encourage you to visit us for a personal interview. You’ll meet with some of our management team, understand our operating system and sample our delicious Cheeseburger Bobby’s menu for yourself. You will be scheduled a two-day work experience. You are embarking on a big project and we want to make sure it is a good fit for you as well as for us.

Step 4: Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)
At or before our first meeting you will receive our FDD, which is mandated by the Federal Trade Commission and the particular state in which your Cheeseburger Bobby’s restaurant will be located. This document explains our opportunity in depth and should be reviewed by your attorney and CPA to clarify business terms and conditions. You may contact them to assist you in your research and in developing our business plan. Cheeseburger Bobby’s personnel, or its agents, are not allowed by law to furnish you with financial projections, potential sales, earnings, earnings claims, or profitability projections.

Step 5: Discovery Day
Spend an informative and memorable day at our Cheeseburger Bobby’s headquarters and restaurant with our management team. Immerse yourself in our customer-service culture and learn how owning your own Cheeseburger Bobby’s restaurant can be a rewarding business experience.

Step 6: Franchise Agreement and Fee.
The next step in our process is to determine mutual compatibility. Assuming we are right for each other, you will be awarded a franchise agreement.

Step 7: Location and Lease.
Once Cheeseburger Bobby’s receives your executed franchise agreement and the required franchise fee, a mutually acceptable restaurant location will be sought. When a location is found, the lease negotiation process begins. A leasing subsidiary corporation of Cheeseburger Bobby’s will assist in negotiating your lease.

Step 8: Training.
Next you will be scheduled for your extensive in-restaurant training program at BURGER U in Atlanta, Georgia.

Step 9: Open Your Cheeseburger Bobby’s Restaurant.
Your restaurant will open once the construction or renovation is complete, equipment is installed and the Cheeseburger Bobby’s in-restaurant training is complete. A Cheeseburger Bobby’s representative will assist you during your initial opening. Once your restaurant is open, our local, regional and corporate support continues.

Step 10: Work, work, work.
Get ready to work harder than you’ve ever worked in your life.